Meet Tic and Tac

Tic and Tac weren’t able to adjust to family life. They are now permanent residents of Canine Estates, where we provide them with endless love and pampering.

About Tic and Tac

These adorable sisters have been with us at the sanctuary for a whopping 10 years now!  We’ve tried finding them forever homes in the past, but it seems that fate had different plans for them. Tic, being the big protective sister that she is, unfortunately, had a little incident with a child. And Tac, well, she had a little disagreement with her potential adoptive dad. But we believe everything happens for a reason, and we couldn’t be happier to have them here with us.

At the sanctuary, they have been living a life of luxury, receiving endless love and pampering from all of our dedicated staff and volunteers. They’ve become such beloved members of our little family, and we couldn’t imagine our days without their adorable antics and perfect snuggles. They may have had a few bumps along the way, but their spirits remain high, and they are incredibly thankful for the love and care they receive here.

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