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Chewy’s New Wish List Feature Lets You Send Pet Supplies Directly to Your Local Shelter’s Front Door

What Is Wish List?

As every pet parent will tell you, pets need stuff. Like, a lot of stuff. From food and treats to toys, beds and beyond, there’s a whole bunch of gear that goes into helping give pets their best lives. Shelters and rescues often rely on donations for these items. But one shelter’s needs can vary drastically from another’s. A cat rescue won’t have much use for dog treats, and a shelter in Arizona probably doesn’t need a ton of self-heating beds. So how do you know what to send your local organizations?

Wish List makes it easy. Shelters and rescues now have the ability to curate a list of items from Chewy’s vast assortment that they need—anything from kibble and litter to more specialized things like bottles and formula for newborn kittens. Then, patrons like you can shop from that exact list, created by the shelter or rescue, and Chewy will deliver those products right to their front door. Think of it as a direct line to your local pet-saving superheroes, giving you the chance to make a difference by sending their way just the right supplies at the just right time.

How Do I Get Started?

Click through to their Wish List. There, you can browse all the products that will help the pets they serve. Can’t decide? Take a deep breath and think about the impact you’d like to have on the shelter and its pets. Want to make sure their animals’ basic needs are met? Send food and litter. Want to add some joy to their lives? Select a toy from the list. If you’d like to help pets with medical issues, send a Chewy gift card—shelters can use those funds toward prescription medications, as well as other items they may need.

Add your selected items to your donation cart, check out, and you’re done! Chewy will send your donation directly to the shelter’s doorstep—so you can skip the part where you have to lug heavy food bags to in-person drop-offs. We’ll also send your shelter or rescue an email letting them know you’ve made a generous donation to their cause.

When you donate using Chewy’s Wish List, pets get the supplies they need, shelters and rescues get to fulfill their mission, and you get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you’ve made a difference. Think of it as a win-win-win.