1. Leg had to be amputated – Adopted

2. Adopted

3. Adopted

4. 5/7/21 Totally blind, both eyes removed due to severe infection, teeth extracted, skin infection- 5/9/21 adopted

5. 5/7/21 surgery to repair left rear leg 5/13/21 Adopted

6. 5/7/21 infected eye removed 5/30/21 Adopted

7.5/30/21 Dental surgery,neuter,mass removal,tumor removal 7/9/21 Adopted

8. 6/30/ 21 Requires leg amputation

9. 8/10/21 -multiple anal tumors, some ulcerated-eye tumor-hernia- multiple bladder stones-dry eye-ear infections-needs neuter-needs dental . 8/31/21 His anal gland tumor was carcinoma. The good news is that Dr. removed it fully with wide clean margins before it metastasized elsewhere. So the report states under those conditions it “should prove curative.”